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HVAC Basics

For greater efficiency, look for:

Products with efficiencies no less than:

90% AFUE for furnaces
15 SEER for air conditioners
9.50 HSPF for heat pumps
ENERGY STAR® qualification
Variable speed motors
Multi-stage operation
AHRI-matched systems


For greater comfort, look for features such as:

Variable speed motors
Reduce hot and cold areas throughout the home
Improve year-round humidity control
Improve indoor air quality; helps reduce dust and other allergens because of constant air movement
Lower monthly utility bills*
Multi-stage operation
Rather than being “all on” or “all off,” your furnace can adjust its heat output based on conditions inside and outside your home.
Get two air conditioners in one—high-efficiency products with multi-stage compressors will run on the first stage of cooling when temperatures are mild. The equipment will use less energy more often.
When outdoor temperatures reach extremes, the equipment will utilize the additional stage, but will still operate efficiently because of the higher SEER rating.
Lower monthly utility bills*


For the quietest operation, select the following:


Products featuring Quiet Combustion technology
Small Btu inputs per burner
Gradual start-up avoid whoosing air and duct work “popping”
Insulated cabinets


Products with Sound Reduction Technology
Advanced fan blades
Heavy-duty sound blankets


Products that include QuietShift™ Technology



For the greatest reliability, look for:

Armstrong Air EHX heat exchanger technology
Made of stainless steel for corrosion resistance and maximum strength against thermal fatigue
Longer heat exchanger life
Specially shaped surfaces to direct airflow more efficiently, and transfer heat more effectively
Armstrong Air MHT™ cooling technology
Specially designed fan shroud for optimal air flow over the coil
Louvered coil fins have more surface exposure for greater heat transfer
Rifled refrigeration tubes
10-Year Limited Warranties on parts
Lifetime Limited Warranties on the heat exchanger